Celebrate life’s most memorable moments by creating charms from your photos!

Precious memories can be preserved for a lifetime! Our exclusive Photoart Charm process turns your photo into a treasured keepsake.

1. Choose your picture.
Any photograph up to 8”x10” can be used. It can be a digital or printed photo. *We focus on the face(s) unless otherwise specified.*

2. Choose your frame style & your metal.
All frame styles are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10K Yellow Gold, and 14K Yellow and 14K White Gold.

3. Find your neighborhood jeweler to place your order.
Your picture is returned to you unharmed with your completed order in approximately 7 – 10 business days from the receipt of your photo.


Choosing the perfect Photoart Charm for your photo

Doghouse Frame: Best with one dog face.

Paw Frame: Best with one or two pet faces positioned closely together.

Heart Frames: Best for one or two people of similar height. Because the shape of a heart is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, please carefully select the photo to fit in this charm. It helps if there is a little room between the heads at the top.

Rectangle Frames: Good for any photo.

Circle Frame: Best with one face.

Celtic Cross Frame: Best with one face.

Oval Frames: Best for one to two people in a vertical arrangement. If more than one subject is to go in the charm, they need to be close together. This frame works well if the photo is narrow or vertical.


Use our Photoart Creator to view your photo in a charm!

Care Tips for your Photoart Charm

To keep your Rembrandt Charms looking like new, remove your bracelet when using harsh cleaning products or chemicals. We also recommend avoiding perfumes and lotions.

Photoart Charms can be cleaned with a non-abrasive eye-glass cloth or mild soap and water. Abrasive cloths and chemical cleaning solutions can damage the protective coating covering the photograph.

Exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) Rays
Your Photoart Charm has been treated with an UV inhibitor to reduce the effects of light exposure. As with any photograph, prolonged exposure to UV or bright lighting (such as halogen bulbs) can fade the appearance of the photograph.  We recommend keeping your Photoart Charm away from prolonged exposure to direct light.

Water Resistant
Photoart Charms are water-resistant, but not water-proof.  We recommend that you treat your charms like any other piece of fine jewelry by removing it before showering or swimming.

Soldering Instructions for Retail Jewelers
We recommend using a low temperature soft solder, cold solder, or laser solder. The flame should be directed away from the charm. Direct heat will cause irreparable damage to Photoart Charms. Another method of soldering is to temporarily immerse the charm in water, leaving the jump-ring above the surface. The water insulates the Photoart Charm from the heat of the torch.

Use a light touch when engraving Photoart Charms. We recommend doing a test engraving on several pieces of scotch tape.

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