My husband & I received devastating health news in April: I am diagnosed with lymphoma. I felt as if I was falling into a dark vacuum…I could not hear everything the oncologist was saying…there is treatment…there is no cure…”watch & wait” protocol…take one day at a time. While having faith in treatment options I have to have hope for a miracle…so many forms of lymphoma and there are limited treatments. My surgical recovery was difficult and lengthy – causing me to lose my employment. And my passion for photography fell by the wayside. For my birthday in June, my husband gave me a much-desired camera with a 2000mm lens…I left it in the box. Then, on August 7th, I had gone to sleep early, only to be awakened to, “Get up. Come see the moon and bring your new camera.” It was a beautiful full moon. I zoomed out the lens and was awestruck by what I saw! Details of the moon’s landscape were magical…craters, sparkles of light, dark patches-not just a dot of light in the sky….I handed the camera to my husband, watching his expression when he looked through the lens… a smile that had been missing for a long time. We turned to each other, embraced, then simultaneously whispered: “I love you to the Moon and back.”

Charm Styles: #3801: Cancer Recognition. #7931: One day at a time. #3023: Mustard Seed. #3432: Miraculous Medal. #8434: Hope.  #4764-06: Filigree Stone. #7754: Camera. #3263: Kissing Couple. #1535: I love you to the moon and back.

– Dianne F., November Winner


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