Nine years ago, I bought the most important movie ticket (Ticket 2486) of my life. That was the night I met the man, would later become my husband. I don’t really remember the movie, but I do remember when he reached over in the theater and gently took my hand. After that night, we spent nearly every weekend together for the next year. We went on little trips together, he took me to the Bronx Zoo, to see my favorite animal, (Beaded Peacock 2592) peacocks! I had never seen a live one before, and the fact that he drove us 11 hours, just to see one, just for me…he always knew what to do to make me feel special.

In November of 2011 we went on a weekend trip to Williamsburg (10 Lords A Leaping 3910). It wasn’t our first time to Williamsburg, be he knew I loved going there, and it was Fall, the best time to visit there. He got us a room at the Williamsburg Inn, and we spent the day walking around, and visiting the museum. He had been acting nervous all day, especially once we arrived. It wasn’t like him. The next morning, before we went out to walk around, he headed for the door of our room, and bent down to tie his shoe…and then awkwardly turned around and pulled a box from his pocket and took my hand. He asked me to marry him, and I screamed yes! After we called our families to share the news, we went out and took a celebratory ride in the Governor’s Carriage (4991 Unicorn). Over the next two years, while he finished school, we took a trip to Turkey, (Hamsa 1568) where my husband is from. He wanted me to see his childhood home and take me to his favorite places and to meet his family.

In December of 2013 we finally tied the knot (Kiss the Bride 8156). We spend our honeymoon in NYC, and celebrated New Years in Time Square. Later that year, we began the process to get citizenship for my husband. We were both working 2 jobs, and he was putting himself through school, working hard on getting his PhD. Some days were tough, but he was always there, by my side, to remind me that we would always have one another, and he would always say all we have to do is take it one day at a time (One Day At A Time Disc 7931).

Then, 3 years ago, my husband got a wonderful job opportunity, and things were looking up for us. We moved into our new home (I Love You Skeleton Key Ring 2248) and began our new life. We both continued to work hard, and in December of 2018, my husband graduated with his PhD. I couldn’t have been more proud of him, he worked so hard, and after that, like puzzle pieces falling into place, he got his citizenship, (United States Flag Map 2358) after 5 years.

My bracelet is a celebration of our love, our life and of my wonderful husband’s achievements, things I am proud to carry with me. I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it, and I can’t wait to live the rest of our lives together (The Best Is Yet To Be Hourglass 8345).

-Kathryn U., April 2019 Winner

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